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Case 2:Installation of compressed air pipeline in assembly workshop

entry name:Installation of compressed air pipeline in assembly workshop

Project unit:Keledi (Liaoning) light industrial products Co., Ltd

Project address::Chaoyang, Liaoning

Project time:2019

Project content: Project content: installation of compressed air pipeline in the new factory of the project unit located in Chaoyang, Liaoning.

Project introduction:

Keledi (Liaoning) light industrial products Co., Ltd. is one of the wholly-owned subsidiaries of Jinye group. It is mainly engaged in the manufacturing of hardware products, the production, processing and sales of plastic molds, hand tools and power tool parts. Keledi company covers an area of 60 mu, with a total investment of 15 million US dollars. It has built a plant area of 38000 square meters and introduced more than 400 sets of automatic production equipment such as milling machines, lathes, multi-functional furnaces, air compressors, injection molding machines, spraying production lines and plate shears. With an annual output of 120 million pieces of nozzles, 40 million pieces of sleeves and 40000 sets of handicraft models, its products are sold well in many countries and regions such as North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific and Australia.

The precision injection molding workshop (No. 2 plant) is the second phase project of keledi, covering an area of 8000 square meters. It was officially put into production in September 2019, mainly producing precision injection molding product accessories and product assemblies in the Japanese market. There are 22 injection molding machines in the workshop, which are processed by fully automatic robots, with a monthly production capacity of 5 million pieces. More than 60 injection molding machines are planned for phase II, and the total number of injection molding machines reaches more than 80; The secondary processing workshop is equipped with a manual spraying top coat, UV automatic spraying line, vacuum coating, radium engraving and packaging workshop. The whole workshop is of standard dust-free design and has extremely high requirements for the operating environment. Moreover, for injection molding processing projects, a good domestic testing laboratory has been established. All testing is completed in the company.

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