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Select the compressed air pipeline to reduce the cost



First of all, I want to explain the cost composition of compressed air: the purchase of machines is only a part of the cost of compressed air. The total cost of compressed air includes "investment cost", "energy cost" and "additional investment".

1. Investment costs are fixed costs, including purchase prices, construction infrastructure costs, installation and insurance. As a part of the total cost, the share of the investment cost depends partly on the choice of the compressed air quality level and partly on the depreciation period and the applicable interest rate.

2. The proportion of energy cost is determined by the annual operation time, loading / unloading utilization degree and unit energy cost.

3. Additional investments, such as energy recovery equipment, provide direct returns in the form of reduced operating and maintenance costs

About investment cost

When planning new investments, look to the future as much as possible and try to assess the impact of new situations and demands that may affect the installation of compressed air. Typical examples include environmental demand, energy saving demand, improvement of production quality requirements and future production expansion investment.

Optimized compressor operation becomes more and more important, especially for industries with large demand for compressed air. For the industry in the rising stage of development, the production will change with time, so will the operating conditions of the compressor. Therefore, compressed air supply must be based on current requirements and future development plans. Experience has shown that an extensive and impartial analysis of operations almost always leads to an improvement in overall costs

Greatly reduce the energy cost of the compressor

Energy cost accounts for about 70-80% of the total cost, which is obviously the leading factor affecting the total cost. Therefore, we need to find air compressor solutions that meet the performance and quality requirements and efficiently use energy. In order to meet these two requirements, even if the investment cost of some compressors and other related equipment is increased, it will prove to be a good investment over time.

Energy cost is so important that the choice of control system is particularly critical. The influence of control system may exceed the influence of compressor type difference. Ideally, the full capacity of the compressor matches the air consumption of the application. Most types of compressors are equipped with their own self-contained control and regulation systems. However, when installing the central controller, adding equipment that shares control with other compressors can further improve the economy of operation.

Speed regulation has proved to be a popular regulation method because it has significant energy saving potential. Let your application needs guide you to choose the appropriate adjustment equipment, and you will get good results. If you only need a small amount of compressed air at night and on weekends, it is an ideal choice to install a small compressor suitable for this off peak requirement.

If, for some reason, different applications require different working pressures, this demand should be analyzed to determine whether all compressed air production is concentrated in the central compressor station or whether the network is separated according to different pressures. The segmentation of the compressed air network can also be considered as closing certain parts at night and on weekends in order to reduce air consumption or internal distribution costs based on air flow.

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