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Product quality is the foundation for enterprises to maintain their reputation for a long time



The super pipeline manufacturer Dalian paipulu Technology Co., Ltd. always adheres to the principle that product quality creates enterprises and maintains long-term reputation

Product quality: 1 00 - 1 = 0

There is a famous saying of the Japanese business God, Matsushita yukosuke: "for products, either 1 00 points or 0 points." Any product with the slightest quality problem means failure.

No wonder some entrepreneurs express the feeling that 1 00-1 = 0 is the equation of product quality, that is, if one of 1 00 products is unqualified, the quality of this product is not 1 00-1 = 99, but 1 00-1 = 0.

Everyone knows that quality is the market and the guarantee for the survival and development of an enterprise. Without it, everything is just a castle in the air. Quality is the life of enterprise products. Without high-quality products, there will be no development.

1. How many little ants are you afraid of on the solid Long embankment?

There is a village near the Bank of the Yellow River. In order to prevent floods, farmers have built lofty long dikes. One day, an old farmer found that the number of ant nests had suddenly increased.

The old farmer wondered: will these ant nests affect the safety of the Long embankment? He wanted to report back to the village and met his son on the way.

After hearing this, the son of the old farmer said with disapproval: "how many small ants are you afraid of such a strong dike?" Then he pulled the old farmer into the field.

That night, the water of the Yellow River surged. The roaring river seeped from the ant nest, then jetted, and finally burst through the Long embankment, inundating large villages and fields along the coast.

This is the origin of the allusion that "a thousand mile dike breaks through an ant nest". "A thousand mile long dike breaks down in an ant cave" means that a thousand mile long dike often collapses because of an ant cave. It is a metaphor for a small incident that will lead to a big disaster.

2. The serious losses caused by poor management are alarming

The small problem of Toshiba's notebook caused it to compensate us $1 billion in the United States, while in China, it was second in sales; Ford has tasted huge losses due to the problem of Firestone tires; Coca Cola was once banned in Belgium and France.

In the United States, according to statistics, if only 99% of the quality is qualified, it means that 20000 letters are lost every hour, two planes are involved in accidents every day, and more than 200000 prescriptions are wrongly prescribed by the hospital every year.

Inferior quality is like a set trap, waiting to destroy the enterprise and everything around it. Defective products have devoured many enterprises, personal undertakings, customers, competitors, various associations, and even innocent civilians.

The research of General Electric shows that the cost of finding and correcting quality problems before production is only 0.003 US dollars; If quality problems are found in the production process and solved, it will cost US $30; It costs US $300 to discover and correct the product after it is sold.

In 1993, General Motors recovered about 500000 cars produced between 1987 and 1991 because of defective engine head gaskets.

Chrysler recovered 35000 1991 dodge lambs due to fuel pump problems, which eroded a lot of profits.

Toyota spent $1.24 billion on repairing recycled cars, while general motors spent $200 million on recycling cars in 1992.

The serious losses caused by human errors or mismanagement are alarming. These painful facts are enough to make us believe that quality is related to survival.

3. 1% unqualified, all efforts will be reduced to zero

The equation of  1 00-1 = 0 requires that the quality must be qualified. If 1% of the products are unqualified, all efforts will be reduced to zero. Therefore, the quality must be perfect.

In order to implement the quality awareness of 1 00-1 = 0, a distillery has carried out the activity of "eliminating one percent of the eight disallows" among its employees for many years, that is, it is not allowed to brush a bottle unclean.

It is not allowed to paste a piece of trademark irregularly; No visible objects are allowed in a bottle of wine; It is not allowed that one cover is not tightly sealed; It is not allowed that one box cannot be folded properly.

One box is not allowed to be sealed in an irregular manner; No dead corner is allowed at one site; An employee is not allowed to be careless.

The workshop conducts regular or irregular spot check and evaluation, and gives economic punishment, job change and job waiting to employees with weak quality awareness and work responsibility.

For individuals or teams that have made outstanding contributions to quality, they will not only be given economic rewards, but also serve as an important basis for year-end evaluation, so that everyone has a sense of crisis, and always maintain a positive and serious work attitude to constantly improve product quality.

4. Qualification is the foundation for enterprises to maintain their reputation for a long time

Once, Yang Mianmian of Haier inspected the quality work in the branch factory and found a hair in the drawer of a refrigerator.

She immediately held a meeting of all relevant personnel. Some employees said that one hair would not affect the quality of the refrigerator, so it was just to take it away. There was nothing to make a fuss about.

However, Yang Mianmian told the cadres and workers present unequivocally: "to pay attention to quality is to not let go of even one hair!"

Quality is the life of products and the guarantee of competitiveness. It directly affects the image of enterprises and products. The famous saying of Matsushita yukosuke is simple, but it contains profound truth.

Of the 1 00 products, 99 are of excellent quality, and only one is defective, which means that the product will lose its market competitiveness. Because there is no 1% chance in the market.

For any enterprise, it is necessary to prevent any defective products from leaving the factory, and all products listed must be 1 00% qualified. This is the basis for the enterprise to maintain its reputation for a long time.


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