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Digital future factory



With an investment of 1 billion yuan, a new factory for robots was officially started in Shanghai!! This is ABB's world's most advanced robot super factory,

It is also one of the top ten projects of the "made in Shanghai" plan in 2019.

The new factory is a cutting-edge center that uses robots to build robots

The new factory is located in Kangqiao, Shanghai, covering an area of 67000 square meters. It will adopt advanced manufacturing processes including machine learning, digitization and collaborative solutions, and is committed to building it into an advanced, flexible and highly automated factory in the global robot industry -? A cutting-edge Center for manufacturing robots using robots.

The new factory will also set up a strong R & D center to help accelerate the innovation and development in the field of artificial intelligence. The R & D center will adopt an open innovation mode. ABB will work closely with customers to jointly develop automation solutions to meet customers' personalized customization needs.

At present, ABB Robot solutions serve a diversified customer base in Asia, providing strong support to automobile manufacturers (especially electric vehicles) and manufacturers in electronics, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, logistics automation and general industries

Digital future factory

As an advanced industrial robot technology provider, abb robots have carried out business in 53 countries and more than 100 regions, with a total global installed capacity of more than 400000 units, involving a wide range of industries and application fields.

ABB Robot currently has three factories in the world: the new factory in Shanghai will replace the existing factory in Shanghai to serve Asian customers, the Westeros factory in Sweden to serve European customers, and the Auburn mountain factory in Michigan to serve American customers.?

The highly automated ABB Shanghai new factory will be based on interconnected automation islands instead of fixed assembly lines. Robots can move from one workstation to another. Compared with the traditional linear production system, it has a higher customization level and greater flexibility.

The AGV can provide parts for robot production in a timely manner, and the new cooperation technology will ensure that people and robots can cooperate closely and safely, bring greater flexibility and agility to the production process, and fully combine the advantages of robots with the excellent working ability of employees.

The new factory will become a complete digital manufacturing ecosystem. By adopting digital twin technology, we can gain the advantages brought by data insight and machine learning, so as to improve performance and maximize production efficiency. ABB will use a machine learning based system to check the robot assembly work to ensure that high quality standards are met.

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