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Behind all the excellence lies the self-discipline of an ascetic monk



A person with great ambitions is often a very self disciplined person.

Self disciplined people are both terrible and respectable. If you are a partner, you should learn self-discipline from him; If you are an opponent, you should be prepared psychologically.

In the past, I always thought that life is short and we should have fun while we are. Until later, I gradually found that every self disciplined behavior will bring you greater pain. Don't be slaves of desire. Self discipline can make us live a higher life.

The essence of freedom is not to indulge oneself, not to do everything, but to be comfortable after self-discipline, to do something and not to do something!

The essence of freedom is not to indulge oneself, not to do everything, but to be comfortable after self-discipline, to do something and not to do something!? Why should people be self disciplined?

Most of the time, we only see the excellent appearance of others, but we often ignore their efforts that are almost self abusive.

A person who is self disciplined to the core seems mostly boring.

When other people go out to play, they read books alone; Sweating in the gym while others are enjoying delicious food; On weekends, many people sleep lazily until noon, and he still gets up early, runs, reads books, works

Such a person not only looks boring, but even feels self abusive, and lives a free and easy life.

But the truth is that people who are self disciplined are much freer than those who are not.

If you always do what you want, pay attention to having fun in time, and don't know how to work hard, you can play with others, and you can still play with others' efforts, and still indulge yourself.

Then, you are so self disciplined that you seem to be free now, but you will find that the more you live, the less freedom you have and the capital you have to choose.

Kant said that the so-called freedom is not arbitrary, but self-control.

The more self-discipline, the more right to speak, the body and life are the same.

You can't see it for a day or two, or a month or two, but in a year or two, or even ten or twenty years, people who are self disciplined and those who are not self disciplined will eventually embark on a completely different path.

Pay and return are in direct proportion. Only when quantitative change is enough can qualitative change be achieved.

This is the reason why a person should be self disciplined. It has nothing to do with his dream, that is, simply for himself to be truly free in the future, and for his body and life to be free.

The more self disciplined people are, the more they understand what they really want, so they will not waste their time and energy on meaningless things, but really use the fragmented time to grow themselves.

Behind all the advantages

They all have self-discipline like ascetics

There are many people who say they should exercise self-discipline, but few people insist on self-discipline. It is like climbing a steep mountain. The closer to the top of the mountain, the fewer people can bite their teeth and stick to walking forward.

Good persistence is self-discipline in itself.

I still remember that some time ago, a 97 year old grandfather named Shen Hua became popular on the Internet. After 26 years of fitness, he was physically strong, completely unlike an old man nearly 100 years old. Everyone called him "Hua Zai" and "Uncle Hua".

Mr. Shen's daily routine is very regular. He never goes to bed more than 10 p.m., gets up at more than 4 a.m. to exercise, and reports to the gym every afternoon.

Many of his peers are no longer there. Shen said: "fitness and sports are my good friends now.".

When Shen Hua, who is in his 70s, first entered the gym, he always met with a lot of white eyes. Many people thought that he would not last long at his age. But the reality is that many young people are just passers-by in the gym, but Shen Hua has become a well-known "muscle grandfather" in 20 years.

Japanese writer Haruki Murakami started writing at the age of 30, and has been writing for nearly 40 years. He has created a large number of works, which are classic and productive.

Haruki Murakami has a habit of writing. He only writes 4000 words a day, 400 words a page, and stops writing 10 pages a day.

In addition, he would take out an hour to run every day, and it was this high degree of self-discipline that enabled him to continuously produce excellent works.

Most of the time, it is not the self-discipline of excellent talents, but the self-discipline of you that makes you excellent. And those who are self disciplined often can't bear to let the world down on them

The more self disciplined, the better

There is a saying in cognitive breakthrough: all laziness, indulgence and lack of self-control are rooted in limited cognitive ability.

The more self-discipline, the stronger the cognitive ability, and the gap between people is gradually opened.

There are infinite possibilities in a person's self-discipline. The degree of self-discipline determines the height of your life.

Everyone has the right to choose how to live. Some people think that life is hard and short, and there is no problem to have fun in the moment. But I want to tell you that a self disciplined life is actually more beautiful, because when you know where you want to go and go all out to run, the world will make way for you.

The people who can really climb to the top and look into the distance are always those who have no distractions and insist on moving forward.

May we truly become self disciplined, live like we like, and live the life we want.

There is no shortcut in life, but every step you take counts.

The harder you work, the harder you work; The more self-discipline, the better.

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