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Dalian Pirpro Technology Co., Ltd

Dalian Pirpro Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Dalian city. It is an enterprise specializing in the R & D, production, sales and installation of compressed air, inert gas, vacuum and nitrogen fluid pipes. The all aluminum alloy fluid pipes we produce provide customers with faster, safe, energy-saving and clean gas supply.

Under the situation that aluminum alloy fluid transmission pipeline has become the mainstream in foreign developed countries, Piper has seized the opportunity to fill the gap in the industry. Its products are widely used in many industries such as aerospace, automobile, machinery, electronics, tobacco, medical treatment, food, household appliances, furniture, packaging and printing.

With the design concept of green, environmental protection, more humanization and more convenience, we help customers reduce energy consumption, provide clean gas without secondary pollution, ensure the safety of connecting equipment, improve the qualification rate of products, and bring comprehensive innovation to the technology of industrial fluid pipeline industry.


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