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Problems on pipeline laying of compressed air pipeline in Dalian



(1) Surface pipeline laying

Most of the open areas are directly laid on concrete pipe piers along the surface. When the pipeline passes through the carriageway, the pipeline shall be buried underground and a casing shall be added to the pipeline. In addition to coating the casing with anti-corrosion layer, the annular space formed between the two ends of the casing and the compressor pipe shall be sealed to prevent water and other sundries from entering.

(2) Underground pipeline laying

Most of the compressor pipes enter from the auxiliary shaft or the mixing shaft to facilitate the acquisition and maintenance. The compressor pipes in the shaft are usually fixed with guide clamps to prevent the pipes from being bent and displaced laterally. The longitudinal weight of the pipeline is supported by the support pipe seat, which is installed on the special steel beam in the shaft. The compressor pipe in the inclined shaft can be laid with pipe pier, while the compressor pipe in the drift is mostly supported by the cantilever beam on the sidewalk side. The span of the support beam and pipe pier of the second pipe is determined based on the strength and rigidity of the supported pipe. In addition to the pipe itself and its auxiliary devices, the load of the pipe should also consider the weight of the water filled in the pipe and the possible coating on the pipe. Generally, the span is 3-9m, but considering the convenience of pipeline installation and replacement, two support points are set for each section of pipeline. After the compressor pipeline is laid, the hydrostatic test shall be carried out at 1.5 times of the working pressure in strict accordance with the relevant regulations. After the test is qualified, the final anti-corrosion coating treatment and the marking color painting according to the national standard can be carried out, and then the acceptance and production can be carried out.


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