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Aluminum alloy pipe
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Application fields of aluminum profiles and aluminum alloy pipes



    With the large-scale infrastructure investment and the rapid advancement of the industrialization process in China, the output and consumption of the whole aluminum profile industry have increased rapidly, and China has also become the largest aluminum profile production base and consumption market in the world. With the rapid development of the aluminum profile industry, the domestic excellent aluminum profile and aluminum alloy pipe manufacturers have paid more and more attention to the research of the industry market. A large number of domestic excellent aluminum profile brands have risen rapidly and gradually become the leaders in the aluminum profile industry.

    The reason why aluminum profile and aluminum alloy pipes can rise rapidly is that they are widely used and difficult to be replaced, such as buildings, radiators, industry, auto parts, furniture, solar energy, medical equipment, rail vehicle structure, etc. all fields play an important role.

    With the increasing role of aluminum profiles and aluminum alloy pipes, the market demand is also increasing. Efficient processing of aluminum profiles is indispensable. As a new cutting technology, the ring diamond wire cutting process has brought great advantages to the cutting and processing of aluminum profiles. Compared with the traditional wire cutting, the ring diamond wire cutting is more efficient, convenient and accurate in the cutting and processing of aluminum profiles, and has won a lot of praise in the market.

   Engaged in R & D, production and sales of circular diamond wire saw. With independent intellectual property rights and a number of patented technologies, it is also second to none in the international diamond wire saw products. Adhering to the business philosophy of "technology first and service first", the company has helped customers solve many problems in the cutting industry of hard and brittle materials such as tires, photovoltaic silicon, sapphire, aluminum profiles, ceramics and marble.


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