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Aluminum alloy pipe
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What is aluminum alloy pipe (composite pipe)



Aluminum alloy plastic lined aluminum alloy pipe is a new type of pipe developed on the basis of traditional plastic pipe. It combines the performance advantages of metal and plastic materials. In addition to the excellent light transmittance, sanitary performance and pressure resistance, it also has the remarkable characteristics of antifreeze and heat insulation, thermal insulation and noise reduction, corrosion resistance and seismic resistance, light and oxygen resistance, light and rigidity, and the system can be disassembled for 50 years without secondary repair welding.

Aluminum alloy pipe material processing: the outer layer is made of 6063 alloy aluminum material, and the inner layer is made of imported plastic raw materials and is compounded by linear prestressing technology. The process is carried out in strict accordance with CJ / t321-2010 standard, and the product quality is stable and reliable, so that users can buy and use with confidence.

Pressure resistance and anti-aging: the aluminum alloy pipe plastic pipe not only has a gorgeous appearance, but also can effectively resist the ultraviolet radiation in the sun. The anti-aging enhances the service life of the pipe, and is especially suitable for open installation. Cleanliness, sanitation, safety and environmental protection: the PPR lined aluminum alloy pipe complies with the sanitary requirements specified in GB / t17219-1988. It is a special pipe for direct drinking water and completely prevents secondary pollution of water quality.

Thermal insulation and energy saving: small thermal conductivity, low thermal conductivity, good thermal insulation and energy saving effect. Convenient and reliable connection: the texture and color of the aluminum alloy plastic lined composite pipe fittings are enough to make the light transmittance much lower than 0.2%, thus fully inhibiting the growth and multiplication of algae and bacteria, and ensuring the health and safety of drinking water.


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