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Main advantages of aluminum alloy pipe and PPR pipe



    The density of the aluminum alloy pipe at 20 ℃ is 0.90g/cm3, and the weight is only one ninth of that of the steel pipe and one tenth of that of the copper pipe. The weight is light, greatly reducing the construction strength. Non polar materials have no chemical effect on all ions in water and chemical substances in buildings, and will not rust and corrode.

   Aluminum alloy pipes have good thermal insulation performance, and generally do not need additional thermal insulation materials when used in hot water systems. The smooth inner wall of the pipeline makes the resistance along the pipeline smaller than that of the metal pipeline, and the energy consumption is lower.

   The connection method of aluminum alloy pipe lined with plastic pipe and pipe fittings is relatively advanced hot melt. The advantages of hot melt connection are not only quick and convenient installation, but also the joint surfaces of pipes and pipe fittings of the same material will be melted by the hot melt machine, and then the pipes melted on the outer surface will be inserted into the pipe fittings melted on the inner surface. The joint surfaces will be cured and fully connected together.

    After one-time hot melting of pipes and pipe fittings, the whole pipeline system is integrated, which effectively solves the problem of leakage at the connection caused by improper connection of pipes and pipe fittings in other connection methods, and makes the safety performance of the pipeline system higher.


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