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Requirements for application of galvanized air duct of aluminum alloy pipe



    Because the galvanized aluminum alloy pipes do not have very good noise elimination characteristics in the process of use, we need to add a muffler on the air duct. Because the galvanized air duct has a high thermal conductivity, it cannot be insulated. Therefore, people must add an additional package when using.

    During the application of galvanized aluminum alloy pipes, it is necessary to do a good job in the above aspects. Only in this way can the expected effect of the dream be realized, the service life of galvanized air pipes be improved, the cost be saved, and the economic benefits of the work be improved. First, galvanized air duct is used to connect carbon steel circular air duct and spiral air duct.

    The galvanized air ducts on both sides of each air duct section shall be rolled out first, and then one end of the galvanized air duct shall be reduced to a small opening. During assembly, the small mouth shall be inserted into the population in the air flow direction, and the steel hoop shall be used outside the galvanized air pipe to connect the two sides of the drum hoop tightly, and the pipe shall be inserted in the middle of the earrings and earrings and fixed firmly.

    The galvanized aluminum alloy pipes are connected to each other. The galvanized air pipes are used to connect components at first, such as heat pipe heat dissipation and positive pressure air supply outlet on the side of the static pressure box. During assembly, the socket wrenches on both sides of the plastic pipe of the dust collecting air pipe are connected with the connecting pipe, and then the galvanized air pipe is clamped with a specially made soft clamp.


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