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What are the connection methods of aluminum alloy pipes




Aluminum alloy pipe installation method, how to connect the air compressor to the compressed air pipe? Compressed air is currently recognized as the second largest power source after electric power. In the fields of aerospace, automobile, machinery, electronics, tobacco, medical treatment, food, household appliances, furniture, packaging and printing, basically all manufacturing industries can use compressed air systems.

Aluminum alloy pipeline is an important link to link the air compressor system. What is the connection mode of aluminum alloy pipeline? This article focuses on introducing this aspect to you:

When piping, the main pipe must be slightly inclined to facilitate the discharge of condensed water in the pipe. The pipeline shall be equipped with blow down valve and blow down regularly. The pipeline pressure shall not exceed 5% of the set pressure of the compressor, so it is better to choose a larger pipe diameter when piping.

The pipeline shall be as short and straight as possible, and the use of elbows and various valves shall be minimized to reduce pressure loss. The line must be connected from the top of the main road to avoid the condensate in the main road from flowing to the compressor unit along the pipeline. The main road should not be contracted or enlarged at will. If it must be contracted or enlarged, it must cooperate with the shrink pipe. Otherwise, it is easy to think that the pressure will increase, resulting in large pressure loss; At the same time, due to the impact pressure of the gas, the service life of the pipeline will be greatly damaged.


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