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If you dont pay attention to it, your enterprise will lose a lot!!!


Are steel pipes and galvanized pipes still used for gas pipelines such as compressor pipelines and air compressor pipelines in the production workshop? Still fretting about a series of mechanical failures caused by pipeline rust, rust slag and rust water, such as short circuit at the rear end, blockage of valve core and wear of sealing ring? Still worried about the long-term aging of the equipment pipeline, which makes the pipeline gas pressure smaller?

Piper all aluminum alloy energy-saving pipe system, a set of pipe systems with aluminum connectors.

Aluminum alloy compressed air pipeline system has been widely used in European and American enterprises to transport compressed air, vacuum, nitrogen and inert gas. This product has been recognized by many domestic enterprises for its excellent characteristics such as corrosion resistance, quick installation, low pressure drop, reuse and convenient maintenance. In the past two years, due to the progress of production technology, the production cost of thin-walled stainless steel pipes has decreased, which makes it popular for compressed air transmission.

There are many advantages of using aluminum alloy compressed air pipeline system:

1、 Clean and durable

Clean - durableAIRpipe

The smooth aluminum pipe is anodized to deliver stable high-quality compressed air from the generation point to each use point to avoid secondary pollution and protect downstream equipment and manufacturing process;

The aluminum alloy pipeline system has corrosion resistance, mechanical vibration resistance, fire resistance, and can withstand complex weather environment. The product has stable high-quality clean air to ensure a long service life of the equipment.

2、 Energy saving and cost reduction

Energy saving - cost reduction

The corrosion-resistant aluminum fittings can reduce the risk of leakage, ensure the stable pressure drop for a long time, and reduce unnecessary energy waste; The aluminum inner smooth surface can provide more air flow with less pressure drop, thus significantly reducing your operating cost;

The pipeline diameter prevents the pressure drop of variable diameter, and the full-diameter design of components reduces the pressure drop.

3、 Quick installation

Quick installation, perfect compatible

Quick installation and shunt device, easy and fast installation without effort; Quick installation of pipes and connectors, no welding, built-in integral surface seal to ensure no leakage; The product is flexible, and all components are easy to adjust, replace and reuse. Therefore, it will help to add and expand the pipe network in the future, and be compatible with various factory spaces and pipe equipment.

It is important to save energy and help enterprises reduce energy consumption and subsequent maintenance costs!

It is important to save energy and help enterprises reduce energy consumption and subsequent maintenance costs!

It is important to save energy and help enterprises reduce energy consumption and subsequent maintenance costs!


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