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Advantages of aluminum alloy super pipe lining plastic pipe




The full name of aluminum alloy super pipe plastic lined pipe is aluminum alloy plastic lined composite pipe, also referred to as aluminum lined pipe. Aluminum alloy lined plastic pipes are generally divided into: aluminum alloy lined PPR, aluminum alloy lined PE and aluminum alloy lined pert. Aluminum alloy plastic lined pipe has been widely used in recent years because of its strong compression resistance, oxygen resistance and beautiful appearance. The installation mode of aluminum alloy plastic lined pipe is similar to the connection mode of traditional PPR, and both are connected by hot melt. The installation method is as follows:

Measurement size: measure the position of the aluminum alloy plastic lined pipe fittings to be installed with a ruler on the aluminum alloy plastic lined pipe of the super pipe, and mark the position to be cut with a marker pen. Use a cutting machine to cut the aluminum alloy lined plastic pipe at the position where the line is drawn.

Circular cutting with cutter: the end of the cut super pipe aluminum alloy plastic lined pipe that needs hot melt shall be circular cut with a circular cutter, and attention shall be paid not to the PPR layer of the inner layer. The distance between the ring cutting position and the pipe orifice is about the distance from the inner wall of the pipe to the pipe fitting.

Axial oblique cutting: use a hacksaw blade to axially cut a small opening at the nozzle of Xi'an aluminum alloy plastic lined pipe (note that the inner layer PPR cannot be cut), and then use pliers to clamp it from the cutting direction to remove the aluminum sheet.


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