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Compressed air pipeline cooling system of air compressor




With the change of weather, the temperature is getting higher and higher, and the cooling system of air compressor is particularly important. How should we pay attention to the hot weather? When the air compressor is delivered to the customer, there are maintenance instructions. No matter whether it is in high temperature or low temperature, as long as we follow the instructions, there will be no major problems. Today, we can learn about the compressed air pipe cooling system of the air compressor and the matters needing attention in summer.

If the compressed air pipeline of the air compressor can work stably, the cooling system of the air compressor plays an important role. The general cooling methods include water cooling and air cooling. According to the exhaust volume of the air compressor, it can be divided into two types. Most of the air compressors with medium power and below are cooled by air cooling, and large machines are cooled by water. The water-cooled type has a cooling effect through heat exchange between spiral copper pipes and water, and the installation will be more complicated. It has low environmental requirements and is relatively stable. It is more suitable for large machines working 24 hours a day.

The compressed air pipe air-cooled type needs to be installed with a fan to cool the lubricating oil. The installation will be simpler, but it is easy to be affected by the environment. If the ventilation effect is very poor, it needs to be maintained frequently. Otherwise, high-temperature fault will occur. We should clean the cooler regularly when using it to prevent high-temperature fault from causing machine shutdown.

The air blowing method purchased by the air compressor can reduce the failure of the fan, and the leaves and motor of the fan will not work under high temperature for a long time, which reduces the probability of the fan blade breaking, and also can extend the service life of the fan. Ensure the cooling of lubricating oil of the whole machine. The machine can run stably for a long time.


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