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What industries can gas busbar super pipes be applied to



    The gas manifold super pipe is a device for centralized gas charging or gas supply. It connects the gas of multiple steel cylinders to the manifold through valves and pipes so as to inflate these steel cylinders at the same time; Or special equipment that is delivered to the place of use by pipeline after pressure reduction and stabilization, so as to ensure that the gas source pressure of the gas appliance is not disorderly and adjustable, and achieve the purpose of uninterrupted gas supply.

    The media that can be used by the gas manifold super pipeline include helium, oxygen, nitrogen, air and other gases, which are mainly used in industrial and mining enterprises, medical institutions, scientific research institutions and other units with large gas consumption.


    Gas manifold super pipeline: refers to bottled high-pressure gas, which is depressurized to a certain use pressure through this equipment. It is a kind of equipment for centralized gas supply.

    The bus bar is composed of left and right main pipes. There are four high-pressure valves in the middle to control the left and right two groups of bus pipes. Each group has a corresponding number of sub valves, hoses and fixtures to connect the gas cylinders. A high-pressure gauge is installed in the middle to detect the pressure in the bus pipe. There are two groups of pressure reducers above the high-pressure valves to control and regulate the use pressure and flow. There are two low-pressure valves above the pressure reducers, It is used to control the low-pressure gas during the switching of two rows of confluence. The confluence low-pressure main pipeline is equipped with a low-pressure main valve to control the gas in the low-pressure pipeline.


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