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Pipeline engineering: application scope of compressed air pipeline



    With the development of social productive forces, the application scope of pipeline engineering is more and more extensive. Especially after the emergence of various high-efficiency, high-pressure and multi-functional hydraulic machinery (various pumps, slurry pumps, compressors, blowers, exhaust fans, etc.) and the main equipment of compressed air pipeline, the pipeline engineering technology has achieved rapid development.

   A large number of compressed air pipeline facilities are built in modern T industry, public and civil buildings, which are not only used for water, gas and other liquids, but also for long-distance pipeline transportation of oil and natural gas, long-distance pipeline transportation of coal, concentrate, tailings, sediment, ash and other solid materials with water as the carrier, and pneumatic pipeline lifting of seabed mineral resources with water as the carrier, For the handling and pneumatic pipeline transportation of grain and other granular materials with air as the carrier, the process flow of some factories even uses pipeline transportation facilities to replace other transportation machinery, which greatly simplifies the process flow and reduces the investment, energy consumption and operation costs. Pipeline transportation is a new bulk material transportation mode rising after railway transportation, highway transportation, waterway transportation and air transportation, and has become one of the important components of the national economic transportation system.

    Due to the many advantages of compressed air pipeline transportation, its application field is constantly expanding. Almost all factories, mines, public buildings and civil buildings are equipped with various pipeline facilities, such as metallurgical plants, mines, power plants, coal preparation plants and petrochemical plants. With the development of vertical and horizontal construction, the improvement of people's living standards and the improvement of building standards, the investment and quantities of pipeline projects are also constantly increasing, The proportion in capital construction is increasing.

   The long-distance pipeline transportation of oil, natural gas and solid materials has also achieved great development in China. There are even thousands of kilometers of transnational oil and natural gas pipelines. It can be predicted that many long-distance pipeline transportation projects will continue to be constructed in the 21st century.


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