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Requirements for factory installed ventilation super ducts



    The ventilation duct plays an important role in the building, playing the role of ventilation and maintaining the indoor temperature and humidity. The ventilation pipes produced by super pipe manufacturers have been applied in many fields, among which the factory is a place with more applications. What are the requirements of the factory for the ventilation pipes?


    Ventilation super duct the ventilation duct should not only ventilate, but also ensure that the temperature of the workshop is constant. Generally, the temperature of the workshop is kept at 25 ° C, which is the need of processing. Any substance has the function of thermal expansion and cold contraction, except water, so there are strict requirements on the temperature in the heat treatment workshop.

    Another factor to be considered in the installation of ventilation pipes in the heat treatment workshop is corrosion resistance. Since most of the heat treatment workshops work at high temperatures, sometimes water is required for cooling, which will cause a large amount of water vapor evaporation. We need to work hard on the selection of materials for our pipes. These gases contain corrosive substances, so the pipes must be corrosion resistant.


    It can be seen from the above that there are strict requirements for the application of ventilation super pipes in the factory, which should be adjusted and installed according to the actual situation. It is precisely because of the strict requirements for ventilation pipes that the product quality can be guaranteed in the subsequent use process and the work can be carried out smoothly.


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