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Super pipe rotational molding process



    What you may not know is that most of the PE pipe manufacturers need to carry out the roll molding process for the products during the production of pipes. At this time, the process can not only enhance the toughness and anti-corrosion performance of pipes, but also save a lot of operating procedures. Next, let's briefly introduce the importance of PE pipe rotational molding process:


  The materials of super pipe materials processed by roll molding are generally crushed into powder materials. These grades are in the first stage of the molding cycle and have good fluidity. After that, they can be crosslinked to form better cracking resistance and toughness against environmental stress; And it can make the product wear-resistant and weather resistant.


  The super pipe rotational molding process can make PE pipes have high impact and small warpage, and its melt index range is generally 3-8. It can also make the products melt and flow in the thermal cycle; Rotary molding uses two types of PE, i.e. general PE and crosslinkable PE. The density range of MDPE / HDPE is generally from 0.935 to 0.945g/cc; One of the advantages of this processing process is that the production bottles are automatically chamfered, and the medium to wide MWD grades are generally used. Therefore, the post-processing steps like the general blow molding process are not required - although some narrow MWD grades are used to improve the surface finish.

  To sum up, we can know that the rotational molding process of super pipe can effectively enhance the environmental adaptability, stability and durability of its pipes, and also provide great convenience for our use to a certain extent; However, the editor needs to remind you that in order not to affect the performance, we must follow the corresponding operating regulations to avoid errors.


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