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Does the steel pipe of thermal insulation super pipeline need to be painted



    The galvanized steel pipe of super pipeline is galvanized on the outer wall of the round pipe, which can play an anti-corrosion effect. However, there is no doubt that the cost will increase a lot. If the project has no special requirements, it will not be handled in this way.


    The simple process flow for the production of polyurethane thermal insulation super pipeline steel pipe: it is to inspect the anti-corrosion steel pipe to make it meet the conditions for the production of thermal insulation steel pipe. The inspection of the steel pipe under various conditions is to remove the embroidery on the steel pipe, use some special materials to clear the rust on the surface of the steel pipe, so that the steel pipe is not corroded


    The super pipe is formed by passing through the pipe. The steel pipe after derusting and anti-corrosion is sheathed in the polyethylene casing for head repair, and polyurethane foam is injected in the middle to fully fill the gap between the steel pipe and the polyethylene casing, so as to form a whole; The next step is the inspection of finished products. The finished products of the fabricated thermal insulation steel pipes are inspected, the products that meet the specifications are sold, and the products that do not meet the specifications are repaired and improved again.

    By adding corona treatment and medium frequency heating treatment, the adhesion between the outer protective layer and the thermal insulation layer is increased, and the molding density of the thermal insulation layer is ensured to be uniform, thus realizing the three in one compact structure of the thermal insulation pipe.


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