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Inspection cycle of pressure super pipeline




It generally depends on the circumstances. For example, in the case of normal operation, the inspection can be conducted once a year. Only personnel with inspection qualification of the unit or personnel with pressure pipeline inspection qualification can carry out the inspection; The second type is under abnormal operation conditions, such as pressure pipelines after major reform, which should be inspected once a year. In other special cases, the inspection cycle of pressure pipelines generally has specified standards. When the operation is stopped, comprehensive inspection shall be carried out, and the inspection cycle of pressure pipeline shall not exceed three years.

The pressure super pipeline is generally composed of flanges, pipe fittings, pipes, bolt connections, valves, gaskets, pressure components, other components and support components. Pressure pipes are different from other pipes.

According to the operation of the super pipeline, a plan shall be prepared in advance to detect the pressure pipeline, and an online inspection must be carried out for the pressure pipeline detection cycle every year. Online inspection is generally carried out by the work unit. The user can also entrust the online inspection to qualified personnel or units. During the pressure pipeline inspection cycle, the inspection unit must hold the assessment certificate of the quality and technical supervision department before inspecting the pressure pipeline. Online inspection is generally based on safety accessories and macro inspection.

The detection of pressure super pipeline is not as simple as everyone thinks. According to the regulations on safety management and supervision of pressure pipeline issued by China, pressure pipeline is a special term for supervision. In the promulgation of these regulations, the standard specification of pressure pipeline inspection cycle is also explained in detail, and the definition of pressure pipeline, the pressure of pressure pipeline Z high work and the conditions of pressure pipeline transmission are also clarified. In a word, the pressure pipeline inspection cycle, no matter which type, must be subject to a comprehensive inspection or online inspection every year.


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