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How to prevent blockage of ventilation super pipe after processing



    In the use of all kinds of air conditioners, the ventilation super duct components must be used. They are the key components that cooperate with each other in the work of the central air conditioner and are conducive to the operation of the central air conditioner. Whether it is a central air conditioner or a domestic central air conditioner in other places, the ventilation ducts are all fixed. It is precisely because of this that in areas where air conditioning maintenance is required, everyone can see the processing project of ventilation pipes. However, the ventilation duct is easy to be blocked in application. To prevent blocking, we can do two things after the ventilation duct is re treated:

    The first is daily inspection. After the super pipe is processed, we can often check the operation of the Jacob ventilation pipe. Naturally, during the inspection, we should ensure the actual ventilation effect of the ventilation pipe. Only then can we see whether the ventilation pipe is blocked. If the actual effect of ventilation is not great, or the actual effect of ventilation is not strong, it should be solved to prevent further blockage.

    Clean up regularly. It is worth mentioning that after the super pipe is processed and solved, it is not necessary to do everything to solve the price of the ventilation pipe. Cleaning and solving are necessary maintenance work. They can not only ensure the long-term application of this pipe, but also prevent the blockage. Therefore, it is very necessary for us to prevent the ventilation ducts from being blocked and regularly remove the ventilation ducts.

    The conventional application of central air conditioning cannot be separated from the super duct, and the ventilation duct will be blocked after processing and application. For this matter, we carry out daily inspection and regular cleaning. The customization of ventilation duct is a good method to prevent the blockage. Therefore, if you have the working condition of processing the ventilation pipe, after processing, pay more attention to the front maintenance and prevention methods.


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