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Welding super pipe ventilation pipe processing



    How are welded stainless steel super pipes processed? When the raw material of stainless steel plate welded air pipe is stainless steel pipe, mechanical equipment or plasma cutting machine shall be applied. Other raw materials shall be laser cut with flame; Note that the skew error of the wound port is less than 2mm.

    The groove preparation in the super pipe processing shall be carried out according to the requirements of the specification, and the welding method shall be adopted for connection. For medium and low voltage pipeline groove, V-shape is suitable; If it is a high-pressure pipeline, it is necessary to use YV groove at this moment. The groove processing shall be leveled. Before welding seam assembly under processing, pay attention to cleaning the pipe socket to avoid leaving any dirt to harm the socket or leakage problems. In the process of prefabricated components, there are strict allowable deviations for prefabricated components, and prefabricated components also need to be given serial numbers to facilitate people to carry out quality management.

    During the processing of the stainless steel plate welded air duct of the super pipe, pay attention to the assembly of the butt weld joint, the inner cavity is flush, and the misalignment of the inner cavity should not exceed 10% of the thickness, otherwise the quality of the facilities of this pipe will be affected.

    Comprehensive design elevation at each intersection point to see if there is any contradiction. Problems shall be solved in time and assembled after negotiation.


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