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Installation points of steam compressed air pipeline



Whether the steam trap of compressed air pipeline is installed properly has a direct impact on the normal operation of the trap and the production efficiency of the equipment. 20% of the use effect of the drain valve is attributed to the installation quality. As a pressure pipe element,

Before the installation of the compressed air pipeline drain valve, it is necessary to carefully check the model, diameter, pressure difference, temperature, pressure, connection grade and standard, and establish the data statistics combining the on-site tag and the drain valve tag number to facilitate the management and maintenance of the operation of the drain valve. Watt drain valve must undergo pressure test and sealing test before delivery, and functional test if available. And provide one-to-one test report or certificate of conformity provided by the manufacturer.

For drain valves with special requirements, such as material certificate, welding inspection certificate, gasket material certificate, casting furnace batch number, etc., they can be installed only after checking before installation. During the pressure test of the steam pipeline, the drain valve shall be removed and replaced by a short pipe. At least the manual valves in front of and behind the drain valve shall be closed and isolated. Before using the drain valve, the pipeline must be purged with pressurized steam to remove the sundries in the pipeline.

A filter shall be installed in front of the drain valve of the compressed air pipeline to ensure that the drain valve is not blocked by sundries in the pipeline, and the filter shall be cleaned regularly. Even if the drain valve is equipped with a filter, it is recommended to add an external filter. The filter adopts a pore size of 0.5-1mm, which is too fine and has a large pressure drop. It is too coarse to play a role.

The drain valve shall be installed at the low Z position of the equipment outlet to discharge the condensate in time to avoid steam resistance of the pipeline. However, the downcomer is provided with a sewage collection section to prevent impurities from directly entering the drain valve. The direction of condensate flow shall be consistent with the arrow mark of drain valve installation. For the installation of mechanical drain valves, the installation orientation of the manufacturer shall be followed.


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