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Calibration of safety valve of compressed air pipeline



Subsequently, the safety valve was disintegrated and various parts were inspected. The safety valve with defects such as damage, crack, erosion and deformation on the oil path plate, spring yellow, valve seat and protruding surface of the compressed air pipeline shall be repaired, adjusted and replaced.

The safety valve with cracks on the oil circuit board, sticking between the valve core and the high-pressure gate valve, serious corrosion deformation due to yellowing, serious damage to the components and no maintenance shall be damaged.

Check the price of the compressed air pipeline of the safety valve. During the inspection of the safety valve line, the oil circuit plate shall be properly cleaned and treated with rust prevention. Check whether there is rust and crack on the stressed part of the oil circuit plate of the safety valve with human eyes. If there is crack, the valve shall be replaced immediately. The safety valve produced by the manufacturer without the production and manufacturing license or the safety valve without the factory nameplate or the calibration record shall be scrapped.

The compressed air pipeline slowly increases the inlet working pressure of the safety valve. When 90% of the set pressure is achieved, the pressure transformation rate should not be higher than 0.01mpa/s. When it is detected that the piston valve is opened or the continuous discharge of the test substance is seen and heard, the inlet working pressure of the safety valve is regarded as the set pressure of the safety valve. When the setting pressure is lower than 0.5cpa, the allowable deviation between the specific setting time constant and the specified setting time constant is ± 0.014mpa; When the setting pressure is greater than or equal to 0.5cpa, it is ± 3% of the setting pressure.


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