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General requirements for installation of compressed air pipes



    The compressed air transmission pipeline of the compressed air pipeline shall be made of anti rust and anti-corrosion materials. The anodized aluminum pipe provided by denair has good anti-corrosion characteristics and has a service life of several decades. The pressure resistance of the compressed air transmission pipeline of the air compressor must be sufficient. Before installation, professional engineers should estimate some values in the specific use process, and select the pipeline, design and install according to different demand pressures.


    The diameter of the compressed air transmission pipe of the compressed air pipeline shall not be less than the diameter of the air compressor exhaust port. The engineer will select the appropriate pipe diameter according to the use scenario. The pipe diameter is too large or too small.


    The ideal compressed air piping is that the main pipeline surrounds the plant and makes reasonable use of the site space. The compressed air transmission pipeline should be installed with fewer elbows, sharp turns and reducing diameters. Denair has 20 years of air compressor service experience and rich experience in energy-saving pipeline installation. During the installation scheme design process, it will constantly optimize the installation path and minimize unnecessary corners. This will also affect the energy-saving effect in the gas transportation process.


    Drainage shall be taken into account in the installation of air compressor pipes. During the installation, small inclination shall be adopted, and professional guidance is required in the actual installation.


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