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Advantages of compressed air pipeline installation




Nowadays, compressed air pipe installation has been widely used in compressed air system software. Compared with traditional seamless pipe, it has obvious advantages because it is clean, light, easy to install, reusable and not easy to rust.

Compressed air pipe installation - people often call it aluminum alloy pipe or aluminum alloy pipe. However, there are differences between the two. Aluminum alloy pipe is not the general name of aluminum alloy pipe. For those who are not familiar with the field of metal materials, it is likely that they will mix aluminum alloy pipe and aluminum alloy pipe. They think that the two are the same thing. What are the differences between aluminum alloy pipe and aluminum alloy pipe?

Compressed air pipeline installation is made of pure aluminum or aluminum alloy profiles, which are stamped into hollow metal material tubular raw materials along its vertical total length. There may be one or several closed buried holes with uniform wall thickness and section. This is the aluminum alloy profile convenient pipeline used by us in the steam transmission industry.

Aluminum alloy pipe refers to the raw material that is stamped and processed into metal material by aluminum alloy profile. It can have one or several closed buried holes with uniform wall thickness and section. Aluminum alloy pipes are widely used in the fields of cars, cargo ships, aerospace, airlines, household appliances, agriculture and animal husbandry, mechanical and electrical engineering, household furniture and so on.


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