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At present, many users are still using carbon steel pipes and galvanized pipes. The carbon steel pipes of compressed air pipes will naturally deposit corrosive impurities inside the pipes after a long time, and eventually the pipes will corrode and leak.

The polluted air causes serious damage to the quality of equipment, instruments and terminal products, increases the maintenance cost, and directly wastes a large amount of electric energy. Therefore, heavy carbon steel pipes and galvanized pipes that are easy to leak are gradually eliminated.

The new aluminum alloy compressed air pipe has become an ideal choice for compressed air pipe due to its good characteristics. It is durable and never leaks air, but the price is relatively expensive, so stainless steel pipe is also a good choice.

The compressed air pipeline in the plant area in hot areas should be laid overhead, and thermal compensation should be considered; When the compressed air pipeline is laid overhead in cold areas, anti freezing measures shall be taken; For buried pipelines, attention must be paid to soil corrosivity and water seepage. When crossing roads inconvenient for excavation, casing shall be used to ensure the service life of the pipeline; Try not to use elbows. Too many elbows will reduce the flow rate of compressed air and increase the load of air compressor; Welding is the first choice for the connection of compressed air pipes, which can ensure the reduction of leakage during transportation.


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