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The compressed air pipeline is an important part of the compressed air system. Only when some functions meet the standards can the whole compressed air system work in a good state. Therefore, it is recommended to pay attention to the initial construction and daily maintenance.

Seamless steel pipes are commonly used for air pipes. The compressed air pipeline system is provided with valves, pressure reducing devices, oil and water drains, compensators, gas distributors and meters, which are selected and processed according to the design drawings.

The pipes and fittings of compressed air pipes shall be subject to visual inspection. The pipes of high-pressure pipelines shall be subject to nondestructive testing by magnetic flaw detection and other methods. The pipes shall be derusted and coated with anti rust paint before processing, and the valves shall be cleaned, ground and hydrostatic tested.

The medium and low pressure pipes with indoor pipe diameter no more than 50mm can be connected by thread, and the pipes and valves, accessories and equipment can be connected by flange or thread. The compensator shall be pre stretched before the pipeline is fixed, and the stretching amount shall be 1 / 2 of the design expansion amount. When the branch pipe is led out from the main pipe, a tee must be opened from the upper part of the main pipe to prevent the condensed water and oil stain in the main pipe from entering the branch pipe and equipment. The tee of high-pressure pipeline shall be drilled, and flame cutting is not allowed.


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