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The super pipeline manufacturer will explain the energy-saving methods of the air compressor system for you



The following contents will be explained by the super pipeline manufacturer to you about the energy-saving methods of the air compressor system

The small editor of Dalian paipulu Technology Co., Ltd. listed some practical operation details of energy saving of air compressor system that do not cost money and cost less, especially suitable for the users of air compressors. Some of these methods are "platitudes", while others may be "trade secrets". If you are a user of an air compressor and can see which one is forwarding to you, it must be true love!

Many users regard air compressors as ordinary mechanical equipment such as motors and fans. When it comes to energy saving, they must first think of replacing more efficient energy-saving air compressors. This is true for general-purpose equipment. But not the same for the air compressor. (this is also not in line with the premise of "saving energy and not spending money" in this article.)

1. Leakage control

The compressed air system has the fastest energy-saving effect and the lowest cost is to control the leakage. Statistics show that the leakage of the compressed air system is generally as high as 30-50%, and about 10-30% in better managed plants or new plants. The proportion of this waste is extremely alarming. If the faucet, light and air conditioner in your factory are not turned off, someone must take care of them. It is easy to understand that the waste of water and electricity costs. However, it seems that the leakage of compressed air is not taken seriously. It is not known that the compressed air is produced by the air compressor, and the leakage of compressed air is a waste of electricity. In other words, the treatment of leakage is equivalent to the energy saving of the air compressor system. The possibility of leakage includes: insufficient and loose connection of pipeline joints; The air cylinder of the gas equipment is not tightly sealed; Air leakage or damage of automatic drain; Air leakage of solenoid valve and filter equipment; Air leakage of air source triplet. The longer the leakage point exists, the more serious the leakage will become. There is a special instrument for finding the leakage point. In addition, if conditions permit, it can be verified by "pressure maintaining test". After the production line is off duty, the pressure is kept at the normal working pressure and then the air compressor is closed. The severity of leakage can be judged by observing the pressure drop speed. The leakage point can be easily found in a quiet environment (such as at night).

The above leakage inspection for non moving parts such as pipes and joints is effective, but further inspection is required for parts such as cylinders and valves.

2. Pressure loss control

The pressure loss is the pressure drop. When the outlet of the air compressor is 7 bar, it is only 5 bar at the use site, and the difference of 2 bar is the pressure loss. The economy of pressure loss control is second only to that of leakage control. For fluid transportation, pressure loss must exist if there is a pipeline. The pressure drop of those products with excellent design and superior process materials is usually very small. The ideal state is to use large-size seamless stainless steel straight pipes, but the ideal state cannot be achieved in actual production, and the price is considerable. What we need to do is to strike a balance between pressure drop and economy. Why is it important and effective to control pressure drop for energy saving of air compressor system? This is because the air compressor consumes about 7% power for every 1 bar pressure increase. If a pressure of 5 bar is required on the site, if the pressure loss is 2 bar, the outlet pressure of the air compressor shall be more than 7 bar. Assuming that the pressure loss can be reduced to 1bar through treatment, the outlet pressure of the air compressor can be adjusted lower by 1bar, which means that the air compressor will save energy by about 7%, which is very considerable. (this is much more cost-effective than replacing a new air compressor). Some pressure losses are caused by design and selection, while some are caused by acquired factors, such as construction technology and lack of maintenance. Some parts and reasons causing large pressure loss: ① the pipeline is too long (non annular pipeline), small size, reduced diameter, short radius elbow, too many valves, rough welding inside the pipeline and non concentric; ② Lack of maintenance of filter and dryer, non full diameter valve and pressure regulating device of air source triplet. In addition to the inspection and transformation of the above parts, it is also necessary to pay attention to some "regular and orderly" practices, such as unnecessary centralized gas supply (air compressor station), deliberate pursuit of model unification, and the self-contained filter device of some gas consuming equipment is very inefficient. It is unnecessary to increase the pressure loss of inferior gas source triplets.

3. Reduce gas pressure

The air compressor needs about 7% energy consumption at 1 bar pressure. Therefore, the pressure set by the air compressor is directly related to the electricity expenditure of the air compressor. Some misconceptions: ① there are many air compressor users with stable psychology, and the pressure setting of the air compressor is better high than low;

② Copying the production process and equipment of the same industry, including the air compressor system, is considered to be mature experience, thus causing the wrong operation of some outdated technologies to be repeated;

③ The gas source requirements of the gas consuming equipment are not clear or the margin is too large, and the equipment is even used after high-pressure depressurization to "keep the pressure stable". These devices often do not pursue high efficiency, resulting in some unnecessary waste;

④ The pressure selection of the air compressor is indiscriminately "high or low", which leads to the global adoption of high pressure in order to meet the local high-pressure demand of small flow.


The low pressure requirements of the gas consuming equipment shall be verified in detail. If conditions permit, it can be verified by experiments. If the required pressure difference is more than 1kg, the high-pressure and low-pressure air compressor systems can be considered to supply air separately. Some small flow and high pressure can be realized by pressurizing valve instead of global high pressure.

4. Adjust operation settings

There is a phenomenon that many air compressors that have been used for many years still have the factory settings when they are put into use. For example, the pressure setting is not set according to the actual needs of the factory, but according to the specifications of the air compressor. For example, the unloading pressure of the 0.8MPa air compressor and the loading pressure of the loading and unloading control mode are 0.8MPa and 0.7MPa. Even if only 0.6MPa is actually required, this is very common. For example, the no-load time of the loading and unloading control mode is rarely changed. No load means that the air compressor no longer produces gas, but the motor is still running. Since no compressed air is produced, the power consumed at this time is useless. The no-load time set by the manufacturer is quite long, some even as long as 30 minutes, to avoid the damage caused by frequent startup to the air compressor due to the small supporting air tank of the user. This means that if the air compressor does not drop to the set loading pressure, the air compressor will continue to be unloaded for 30 minutes before stopping. The energy consumption of the air compressor is between 30% and 50%, which is a very serious waste. As for the linkage setting of multiple air compressors, many enterprises set the same pressure, which will lead to almost the same loading and unloading (in fact, because the errors of each pressure sensor are not the same, there is always one air compressor whose pressure value is downward offset will start first, and the one whose pressure value is upward offset will unload first). The correct approach should be to separate the base and auxiliary machine (the basic air compressor is responsible for the basic flow and the auxiliary machine is responsible for the flow change adjustment).

The above is the operation details of the energy-saving scheme of the air compressor system, which is free and cost less. Moreover, these methods can basically be implemented by users themselves, and good results are obtained.


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