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The compressed air pipeline is simple to operate, time-saving and labor-saving, economical and environmental friendly



The compressed air pipeline is simple to operate, time-saving and labor-saving, economical and environmental friendly

Energy saving of air compressor system (user part): five elements: human, machine, use, method and environment

Energy saving is a hot topic in the air compressor industry at present, and there are many articles on energy saving of air compressors. However, since the energy saving of air compressor system is more about the integrated application of technology, the focus of research institutions is on the energy saving of manufactured equipment. So far, there is no complete and concise theoretical guidance for users

This paper attempts to transform the basic concept of "five elements" in the total quality management theory familiar to manufacturing enterprises into five elements of energy-saving of air compressor system: "human, machine, use, method and environment" in an easy to understand way. To enrich the practical operation guidance at the user level in the energy saving of the air compressor system.

Management Master Peter Drucker believes that "entrepreneurs do two things, the first is marketing, and the second is to reduce costs". If a manufacturing enterprise wants to continuously maximize its profits, it can only increase its sales to "open up" and reduce its costs to "cut down". In the current situation that the growth of the industry market slows down, the control of enterprise operating costs is particularly important to ensure and improve enterprise profits.

It is because the enterprise has the above-mentioned "internal driving force" that it forms the basis for energy saving of the air compressor system. This is the fundamental factor rather than the state's advocacy or coercive means. Generally speaking, about 20% of the power consumption of the factory is consumed by the air compressor, and even up to 80% in some industries. Even out of intuition, the energy saving of air compressor system is imperative. So, what should users do when they have realized the need to reduce energy costs through energy saving? This is the focus of this paper. It may be very different from the scheme promoted by the air compressor manufacturer. The stacking of various high-tech equipment does not necessarily meet their own energy-saving needs, and sometimes it may backfire.

First of all, we need to realize that compressed air has a cost, which includes not only the energy consumption of the air compressor producing compressed air, but also various abnormal losses of compressed air.

Therefore, a basic concept is that the energy saving of the air compressor system is not only the energy saving of the air compressor, but also the systematic energy saving of the whole compressed air system. Note that the keyword here is "systematic", not "equipment system".

Most of the common air compressor salesmen of users are product salesmen of manufacturers, who tend to sell products. Therefore, their common energy-saving way is to "change an energy-saving air compressor". Of course, this method must be effective, otherwise there is no need to change.

However, if we only rely on this way to save energy in the air compressor system, the limitations are obvious. Because, in many cases, this only solves the problem of whether the air compressor body is energy-saving and efficient, and the proportion of the air compressor body in all the energy-saving space of the whole compressed air system is unknown. If the proportion is large, the energy saving effect is good; otherwise, it is unsatisfactory.

Assuming that only 10% of the air compressor body can save energy in the whole system, this means that if you just replace the air compressor, the other 90% of the energy-saving space is still hidden somewhere like an hourglass, which will waste your money.

▍ common possible energy-saving space and ways

① Efficient compressed air production and treatment equipment;

② Unit selection, control mode and pipeline optimization design;

③ Adjust the air pressure and on-site management of compressed air system;

④ Improve the efficiency of pressure loss, leakage and gas consumption devices;

⑤ Use energy recovery devices to reduce comprehensive energy consumption;

1、 Each of the above points will be a big topic. It is not necessary to force the user to fully grasp all the details, but at least he should have a more comprehensive understanding of the energy saving of the air compressor system. The following uses the basic concepts of "human, machine, material, environment and law" in the comprehensive quality management theory familiar to the factory to help sort out and understand. ▍ human, machine, utility, method and environment

For the energy saving of the air compressor system, for the user level, the five main factors are: human, machine, use, method and environment. The air compressor system, or the compressed air system, is a complex "man-machine system" aggregation, in which people: as workers, controllers and monitors.

Analysis of "people":

1. Does the manager pay enough attention to it?

2. Is there a specific responsible person?

3. Is the process and system perfect?

4. Are skills adequate?

5. Is the training in place?

2、 "Energy saving" is first of all a way of thinking. It is no exaggeration to say that it is with this mode of thinking that it is possible to implement the real energy saving of the air compressor system. All directions and ideas depend on the human factor.

In the five element theory, people are in the central position, just like driving a car. After determining the destination, you need to choose a reasonable driving route. If there is no driver, the car will of course just stay in place.

All equipment and facilities used in the air compressor system are the basic conditions for energy saving of the air compressor system. The common and simple way is to select more energy-saving compressed air production equipment. The other way is to increase energy recovery devices and reduce comprehensive energy consumption.

Analysis of "machine":

1. Has the selection been optimized?

2. Are the supporting facilities complete?

3. Is the maintenance correct?

4. Energy recovery?

"Machine" is divided into two aspects, namely, selection and maintenance.

3、 Type selection is the key to ensure the smooth implementation of the energy-saving scheme. It should be noted that selecting equipment with good performance is of course a way, but it is not necessarily reasonable from the perspective of investment. The establishment of the selection scheme is highly professional and usually requires the help of professional companies. Maintenance is to keep the equipment in good condition. This is what users need to focus on. The key to equipment management is to establish a complete routine inspection and maintenance system, confirm the status and performance of equipment according to certain standards, detect equipment abnormalities as early as possible, and prevent unexpected use of equipment. Maintenance is the maintenance of equipment according to the characteristics of equipment and at certain intervals to prevent equipment deterioration and prolong the service life of equipment. It is an important part of equipment management.

Energy saving of compressed air system can not only focus on the reduction of energy consumption of compressed air production, but also reduce the consumption and loss of compressed air.

Analysis of "use":

1. Is there any waste of gas?

2. Are the gas consuming equipment and devices efficient?

3. Are the process requirements for compressed air reasonable?

4. Has the leakage been effectively controlled?

4、 For users, this is a way to save energy for the air compressor system with low dependence on external assistance. This is the same as the concept of power saving and water saving. The compressed air produced by the air compressor is the same as water and electricity. The purpose of energy saving can be achieved by saving energy.

The "method" of energy saving of air compressor system refers to the operation and operation management method of compressed air system. Different from the general requirements for stable operation of the air compressor, the purpose of the "method" here is to obtain compressed air with as little energy cost as possible on the premise of meeting the normal production of the factory.

Analysis of "law":

1. Is the operation setting of the air compressor system energy-saving?

2. Compressed air pipeline system operation management method?

3. Adjust the system operation plan according to the production situation?

4. Application of Internet of things in energy saving of air compressor system?

5. On site operation management of air compressor system?

5、 Compared with "machine" and "use", it mainly refers to hardware, and "method" mainly refers to software. Even for the same compressed air system, different operation schemes and site management may result in different results. Professional energy-saving companies pay great attention to operation management.


"Ring" refers to the environment in which the air compressor system is located, which is often ignored. The influence caused by some environmental factors is obvious when the equipment is put into use (this part will also be emphasized when the equipment is installed), while the adverse effect caused by some environmental factors is long-term and hidden, which needs special attention.

Analysis of "ring":

1. What is the quality of the air drawn in by the air compressor?

2. Heat dissipation of air compressor room?

3. Compressed air piping?

4. Safety and environmental protection measures?

The above environment is only a concrete scene. The "environment" here can also be understood as a large environment. It is necessary to make good use of policies and regulations that are beneficial to energy saving and avoid possible risks. It is also necessary to pay enough attention to the energy saving of the air compressor system.


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