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"Milestone" shared by compressed air pipeline



Milestone: "class I energy-efficient air compressor station" is listed, indicating the arrival of the system energy-saving era!

On September 19, 2019, the listing ceremony of the "class I energy efficiency air compressor station" of the group standard application demonstration station of the "guidelines for energy efficiency classification of compressed air stations" was held in the air compressor station of Qinhuangdao daika Xinglong hub Co., Ltd

As a first-class energy-efficient air compressor station, it is a milestone for promoting the first energy efficiency standard of air compressor system in China and even the world.

The production process of high-performance aluminum alloy wheels requires a large amount of high-quality oil-free compressed air.

In 2017, Qinhuangdao daika Xinglong wheel hub Co., Ltd., which supplies supporting equipment for major vehicle manufacturers such as Mercedes Benz, BMW and Audi, decided to invest in a new compressed air station. They chose Atlas Copco, which provides a complete set of compressed air systems and post-treatment solutions. The compressed air station is composed of three oil-free centrifugal air compressors of Atlas Copco, two frequency conversion oil-free screw air compressors, zero gas consumption compressed heat rotary drum dryer, heat recovery system and other main equipment.

After the new compressed air station is put into operation, the energy-saving benefits are very significant. After 24-hour standard continuous monitoring by experts from Hefei General Institute, the power transmission efficiency of the new compressed air station reaches 55.74, which is higher than the first level index of the first group standard of China's air compressor industry - "guidelines for energy efficiency classification of compressed air stations" by more than 3%.

The group standard "guidelines for energy efficiency classification of compressed air stations" was officially released by the compressor branch of China General Machinery Industry Association in October 2018 and will be implemented in January 2019. This standard is used to evaluate the overall energy efficiency level of the air compressor station, unifies and standardizes the energy efficiency detection, calculation and evaluation standards of the energy efficiency grade of the compressed air station, and is of milestone significance to the development of the entire Chinese compressor industry.

It is reported that the standard was mainly drafted and prepared by Hefei General mechanical and Electrical Products Testing Institute Co., Ltd. and Atlas Copco (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd., and was participated and supported by many enterprises in the compressor and purification industry. At the 2018 China International Fluid Machinery Exhibition in Shanghai, a very grand release ceremony was held, and the standards were also publicized and implemented.

After that, all parties made unremitting efforts to hold various promotion activities. Vice president sun Xiaoming made a presentation at the "2018 World Motor summit" held in Switzerland, further expanding the international influence; Atlas Copco has organized many promotion and implementation activities in the past year; The compressor association has also publicized the standards at various industrial conferences of the Ministry of industry and information technology and other government departments, visited the national energy conservation center, local energy conservation centers, market supervision and management institutions, user industry associations and other organizations, and constantly publicized and explained the group standards. It hopes to expand the influence of the standards through various resource channels, promote the application of standard collection, and help users to increase revenue and reduce expenditure and benefit from the comprehensive utilization of system energy conservation

In September, the compressor branch of China Communications Association also declared the "air compressor station project of Qinhuangdao daika Xinglong hub Co., Ltd." to the Ministry of industry and information technology for the "demonstration project of application of 100 group standards in 2019". Since the Ministry of industry and Information Technology launched the "100 group standard application demonstration project" in 2017, 208 group standards have been included in the demonstration project.

The application for this project has strict provisions on the implementation time. The demonstration project focuses on supporting the application of innovative, progressiveness and international group standards, mainly including: innovative group standards that fill the gaps in national and industrial standards; Progressiveness group standards whose technical indicators are comprehensively stricter or better than existing national and industrial standards; It is a group standard with international standards and promotes the formulation of international standards. The standard "guidelines for energy efficiency classification of compressed air stations" is innovative and progressiveness, which fills the gap at home and abroad. If the declaration is successful, it will play a more powerful role in promoting the implementation and promotion of this group standard.


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