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What are the characteristics of medical compressed air pipeline system




The ventilator and anesthesia machine using medical compressed air system are the necessary equipment for anesthesia, first-aid resuscitation and rescue of critically ill patients. The normal operation of compressed air pipeline in Dalian is directly related to the treatment effect and even life safety of patients.

The wide application of compressed air pipeline equipment in Dalian not only reduces the labor cost, but also greatly improves the production efficiency of enterprises. It is very important to select a suitable air compressor, and the design and laying of compressed air pipes are also important.

The medical compressed air pipeline system in Dalian plays an irreplaceable role in the hospital, and its use has the particularity of medical treatment. Therefore, the medical compressed air pipeline system should be jointly managed by the medical department, the engineering technology department and the equipment department. Each department has its own responsibilities and participates in the construction, reconstruction, file management and gas quality verification of the compressed air system.

For plants with relatively large gas consumption points, annular gas supply pipes can be laid. The diameter of the main pipe is thickened to two to three times of the outlet diameter of the air compressor. If necessary, an air tank can be installed in the middle of the annular pipeline.


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