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How to select the air tank for the compressed air pipeline system



The air tank is an important part of the compressed air system. Under different circumstances, what kind of air tank is needed? Now let's take a look

First of all, let's clarify such a question: what is the role of the air compressor reservoir in the compressed air pipeline system?

1. Store air to meet the demand of sudden and instantaneous increase in gas consumption of gas consuming equipment;

2. Store air and eliminate the pulsation of air flow in the pipeline;

3. The air is initially cooled and a part of the liquid water is separated out. Therefore, the air storage tank shall be drained regularly;

4. It can ensure the automatic shutdown of the air compressor. The air compressor will stop automatically as soon as the air storage tank is filled with air under the set pressure, so as not to waste electric energy by running the air compressor all the time.

Theoretically, the larger the air storage tank, the better, which can reduce the number of frequent starts of the air compressor. Star delta startup belongs to power frequency startup, and the instantaneous current of motor startup is about 7 times of the rated current. Frequent startup will cause great damage to the electrical part of the air compressor, which will reduce the service life of the electrical part, and have great impact on the power grid, affecting the normal use of other electrical equipment.

The variable-frequency air compressor belongs to soft start, and the starting current is about 2 times of the rated current, so the influence is not great.

So the problem is, can we not use the air storage tank of the screw air compressor?

The air storage tank at the outlet of the air compressor can not only stabilize the air outlet pressure and buffer, but also play an important role that ordinary users will not notice, that is, to prevent the compressed air pipeline from returning liquid for some reason during the shutdown of the air compressor and pouring back into the air compressor, which will be damaged. If the air storage tank is removed, the inverted U-bend design shall be adopted in the pipeline design to play the same role.

In addition, the function of the air storage tank is to maintain the pipe network pressure of the compressed air system from large fluctuations. Since the air consumption at the end of the compressed air system is generally not stable at any time, the air tank shall be used to balance the stability of the system pressure and reduce the frequent loading and unloading of the air compressor. Another function is to cool the dried compressed air again to reduce the moisture content in the compressed air.

For individual compressed air systems, if the displacement of the air compressor is large (such as centrifugal air compressor), the volume of the system pipe network is large (the pipe diameter is large and long) and the gas consumption is relatively stable, the air storage tank may not be equipped. However, the general compressed air system needs to be equipped with an air tank.

There is no place in the air compressor to store compressed air. Once the compressed air is generated, it must be used. This working mode is not ideal. With an air tank, the compressed air can be pumped into the air tank to a certain pressure, and then the pressure can be reduced to a certain level, and then the compressor can be started. In this way, it is more ideal in terms of energy utilization and compressed air quality. Therefore, it is impossible without an air tank.

However, for equipment that requires a small amount of compressed air and is not frequently used, the air compressor can also be used without an air tank. However, considering the stable performance of the air compressor, the constant pressure and quality of the compressed air, it is good to configure the air tank.

Systematically speaking, the air compressor equipped with a suitable air tank has the following advantages:

1. Air compressor action

Since the action range of the air compressor is relatively large, the frequent opening and stopping of the pressure vessel during the work will increase the wear of the valve, on the other hand, it will also make the oil and gas paths unstable, which will cause the instability of the machine. However, if the air tank is configured, this situation will be relatively reduced.

2. Energy saving effect

Due to frequent start and stop of the air compressor, the current consumption of the motor will be very large. Therefore, the air compressor will be empty when it is used. If this state stays for a long time, a lot of flow will be wasted. However, if the air system is equipped with an air tank, the stability of the air compressor will stop, which can ensure the stability of the work and reduce the waste of unnecessary idle energy.

3. Provide stable air supply

Why should the air compressor be bound to the air tank? If there is an air storage tank in the air compressor system, the output air of the air compressor has a buffer place, the air source can be kept at a set value, and the air system can obtain a constant pressure, which is very necessary for the use of modern chemical plants.

4. Good air quality

The compressed air from the air compressor is first sent to the air storage tank. The air in the tank will stay for a certain time, and foreign matters such as impurities and water in the air can be precipitated. The temperature of the compressed air is also reduced. Even without a freeze dryer, relatively high-quality air can be sent.

In fact, the role of storage is like a reservoir. The air compressor is a gas source, and the air tank is a reservoir. The air tank can balance the air pressure within a certain pressure range according to the setting, buffer the fluctuation of the air pressure, reduce the number of starts of the air compressor, and also play the role of precipitating impurities such as water in the air.


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