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New news from compressed air pipeline manufacturers: air compressor manufacturers gather in Dalian



What business opportunities will the air compressor manufacturers gather in Dalian bring to the Northeast market? The compressed air pipeline manufacturer Dalian paipulu Technology Co., Ltd. will sort out and share with you

On October 19, 2019, the air compressor industry hero conference Dalian station hosted by Dingli media was grandly held in Dalian Jinyuan hotel.

The air compressor industry hero conference Dalian station hosted by Dingli media was held in Dalian Jinyuan hotel. Manufacturers of air compressors, post-processing systems, accessories and software from all over the country and agents in Northeast China gathered together to exchange new information, new technologies and new concepts of the industry and discuss how to make profits and develop the air compressor industry in the current low profit era.

In his speech, Mr. Zhu Haobo, general manager of the sponsor Dingli (Shanghai) advertising media Co., Ltd., first welcomed the agents in the northeast region to attend the meeting. He expressed the hope that the platform of heroes' meeting could make everyone gain something and provide help for your current and future business.

Mr. Qian Dongliang, the representative of Ruifu chemical (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., introduced the development history, love public welfare undertakings and technological R & D strength of Ruifu chemical. Ruifu chemical group was founded in 1978, headquartered in the United States, and has two laboratories in the world: Houston and Shanghai. The entire air compressor team is led by elite and doctoral scientific researchers to carry out R & D work. Relying on advanced laboratory hardware equipment, the formula optimization and analysis work are carried out. The testing process is strictly controlled in accordance with ASTM, ISO, DIN and other international standards. The application range of its technology is from mineral, semi synthetic PAO synthetic compressor oil, PAG synthetic compressor oil, Poe synthetic compressor oil and other synthetic materials.

He particularly introduced Shenyang jiuyu environmental protection equipment Co., Ltd., a distributor of Ruifu in the Northeast market. The company was established in 2011. With high-quality products and services, it has won high recognition from customers in the fields of air compressor consumables wholesale, main engine maintenance, equipment transformation, technical training, labor dispatch, etc., and established a sustainable and win-win partnership with customers.

Mr. Fan Shaohui, representative of mushroom IOT Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., introduced in detail how the mushroom IOT system can help enterprises save money and make money. He emphasized that mushroom circle ICRM is the first integrated industrial management tool of "machinery, people, finance, goods and customers" in China, helping enterprises manage equipment, customers, orders, teams and finance. He pointed out that the current situation and pain points of the workshop are frequent loading and unloading, high pressure drop, waste of gas and gas leakage. The three major functions of "cloud intelligent control", namely, energy saving of the whole station, digital station building and intelligent control, can solve the pain points. He also showed the great benefits brought by the cloud intelligent control system of the air compressor station to customers with intuitive customer cases.

Mr. Ye Fanghao, the representative of Shanghai Hanyan Machinery Co., Ltd., explained the advantages of five new energy-saving products of Hanyan, including low-pressure energy-saving refrigeration dryer, low dew point combined energy-saving dryer, zero gas consumption adsorption dryer, plate exchange refrigeration dryer and cartridge type energy-saving adsorption dryer. He emphasized the five major economic benefits of extending high-quality energy-saving post-treatment in compressed air system, including reducing operating costs (air compressor station), reducing energy consumption (air compressor station), improving product competitive advantages (terminal products), improving safety and product quality (terminal products), and obtaining high profits (terminal products).

Mr. Chen Chen, the representative of Jiangsu extreme entropy IOT Technology Co., Ltd., introduced that extreme entropy is an energy management expert based on industrial Internet data service. It has a strong R & D team, which can solve the problems existing in the current industry, such as the lack of data in air compressor stations, high acquisition cost, doubts about energy-saving data, difficult fund recovery, and decentralized project management and control, and can realize real-time data collection, real-time energy consumption cost calculation Real time notification of abnormal conditions, real-time visualization of air compressor station information, statistical report of energy consumption cost and equipment abnormality and automatic push of energy saving strategy.

Mr. Chen Chengwei, the representative of Foshan Tiandi Yuanyi purification equipment Co., Ltd., analyzed the market profit model and the competitiveness of YY stainless steel products: high experience, high value, high quality and reasonable price. He introduced YY stainless steel compressed air purification system products, including YY stainless steel "energy-saving" freezing dryer, YY stainless steel modular suction dryer, YY stainless steel condensing heat combined dryer, and "energy-saving" precision filter without filter element. YY stainless steel compressed air purification system has the advantages of energy saving, high efficiency and stability. Ms. Li Huan, the representative of Suzhou Mufeng compressor equipment Co., Ltd., analyzed the development of energy-saving technology driven by competition and the change of air compressor marketing mode caused by competition. She focused on the energy-saving principle of the Mufeng horizontal permanent magnet variable frequency two-stage screw air compressor. The product adopts the integrated connection of the head and the motor, double permanent magnet drive, advanced cooling system, air filtration system, oil-gas separator and high-efficiency frequency converter. The product has five advantages of more stability, more energy saving, more efficient, more quiet and more compact. She also proposed that Mufeng should give greater support to the agent: I will contribute, and the income will be divided in half. Both sides will form a community with a shared future

Mr. Wu Yuedong, the representative of Shanghai Yiyuan Compressor Co., Ltd., explained that the company is composed of the first batch of professional teams that research, develop, design and manufacture oil-free twin-screw engines and complete machines in a real sense in China, and continues to create value for customers by providing competitive oil-free compressed air system solutions and services. He introduced that the company's main products are oil-free machine heads and single-stage and double-stage compression oil-free main engines. The company provides maintenance of various brands of oil-free main engines. The company's technology includes design software, rotors, oil-free main engines, oil-free complete machines, maintenance and transformation, and technical consulting.

Mr. Cheng Hongxing, the representative of Sazhen compressor (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., analyzed what kind of brand should be represented in the energy-saving era. He believed that this brand should have three characteristics: energy-saving products, help sales and management, and have ideas, culture and future. He also introduced the three major supports that sazhenneng has brought to dealers: market finding / target planning, information / Merchandising / team training, and auxiliary management control / system / culture implementation. He also shared the business philosophy of Sazhen, including the origin of Sazhen's name, corporate culture, corporate philosophy, Sazhen people, Sazhen spirit, Sazhen ten prohibitions, Sazhen ten advocates, Sazhen brand path and mission statement

Mr. Fu Chunhua, the representative of Guangdong zero motion energy saving Technology Co., Ltd., focused on the introduction of zero motion s3-r synthetic air compressor lubricating oil. This product is a kind of high-quality air compressor lubricating oil, specially designed for (two-stage compression) screw type and slide type air compressors. This product has excellent ultra-low temperature (- 42 ℃) startup, excellent cleaning and dispersion, and excellent anti blocking performance. It can improve the gas production of the air compressor, effectively reduce the operating cost, improve the efficiency of the compressor, extend the oil change period, and save energy and reduce emissions significantly. He also described the six characteristics of zero dynamic air compressor oil: excellent oxidation resistance, low foaming, good air release, good wear resistance, good water separation, good corrosion resistance and good oil condensation.

Mr. Liu Huifeng, the representative of Dingcan (Shanghai) Technology Co., Ltd., introduced the company's product series, including carbon steel gas tank, stainless steel gas tank, diaphragm tank and vacuum tank. He focused on what Ding can do, such as tower kettle, gas separation box, rectification tower, chemical container, gas separation cylinder and complete food equipment. He also introduced the cooperation mode of the company, which can provide free popularization of pressure vessel knowledge, free installation information of gas storage tanks, free on-site measurement and design scheme of pressure pipelines, and free platform and network promotion for partners.

The theme of Shanghai kaiqun Power Equipment Co., Ltd. is "one-stop supply management platform for energy-saving compressed air system". As a one-stop supporting supplier of air compressors, kaiqun's business includes complete machine, air compressor post-treatment, maintenance package, air compressor accessories and after-sales team. Kaiqun can bring four advantages and values to agents: one-stop purchase solution, continuous improvement of supply chain efficiency, and reduction of product purchase cost; Reduce inventory and reduce investment cost and risk; Stability and sustainability of supply channel resources; Complete spare parts warehouse to improve after-sales response speed

Mr. Zhu Haobo, general manager of Dingli (Shanghai) advertising media Co., Ltd., analyzed the profit opportunities of the air compression industry for everyone. He first clarified the profit logic for everyone. He pointed out that the price difference model currently faces two major problems: one is that the information is transparent, the competition is fierce, and the product is overflowing. The other is that the cost control is difficult, such as labor cost, management cost and customer acquisition cost. In this era of low profit, the profit logic of agents should change from product thinking to mode thinking, and from price difference model to cash flow model. He stressed that the model profit depends on three points: making money opportunities, helping channels to make money, and customizing the sharing mechanism. Products are only used to get customers and exchange money. He explained that in the past, the model profit was product + price difference, the current model profit was cash flow + distribution, and the future model profit was model + capital

Mr. Cheng Hongxing, general manager of Sazhen compressor (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., shared the following six parts: times and industry opportunities, three thoughts on dealers' business planning, how to make money through operation, how to manage to have a team, what entrepreneurs should have, and other life philosophies. He pointed out that there are three major opportunities in the current era: the Internet, energy conservation and the rise of China. Under this background, the air compressor industry is at the moment of surpassing the import opportunities. Dealers should make three strategic considerations: whether to be an air compressor dealer, how to be a dealer, and what kind of brand to represent. He deeply analyzed the essence of dealer management and pointed out the strategic development direction of dealers

During the meeting, the guests on the stage and the agents off the stage actively interacted and exchanged ideas. The agents asked questions on the spot and the guests answered them on the spot. The atmosphere was quite warm. According to the expertise of the representatives of various manufacturers, the agents raised their own puzzles in operation and management, and also made detailed inquiries about the products they were interested in. The manufacturers also answered and explained them in detail. The organizer also prepared rewards for agents who actively interact.

Outside the venue, the products displayed at the booths of various manufacturers also attracted agents to stop and ask.

During the dinner, Mr. Zhu Haobo and the representatives of various manufacturers jointly thanked the agents in the northeast region for their full participation. At the same time, the organizer also carefully prepared a lucky draw with rich prizes, which pushed the dinner to a climax. The Dalian station of heroes club has successfully concluded. We look forward to more manufacturers joining the exchange platform of heroes club to spread more new information, new ideas and new technologies. Heroes meeting in November, see you in Guangzhou!


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